Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Scare Valley Farms Halloween Haunt and Haunted Hayride

I had the pleasure of being invited to attend Scare Valley Farms, a Halloween haunt and haunted hayride at Bear Valley Farms in the mountains of Big Bear, California. While I only live two hours from Big Bear I had never been up there before, so I was thrilled to finally make the trek to Big Bear and visit Scare Valley Farms this Halloween season! Check out my review of this Halloween haunt and haunted hayride and photos of the event below:

 Boot Hill Cemetery

One of the creepy denizens of Boot Hill

 Headless coachman and undead horse

Scare Valley Farms is located at Bear Valley Farms in Big Bear City, California. Bear Valley Farms is a 30-acre working farm nestled next to the San Bernardino National Forest. On Friday and Saturday nights in Halloween season, the farm transforms into Scare Valley Farms, featuring mini haunts, wandering monsters, a haunted hayride, and a live execution. The haunt is themed on the Old West, and features elements from creepy carnivals, haunted mine shafts, ghost towns complete with a Boot Hill cemetery, and more! The haunt is designed by RWB Party Props, who has worked on the Haunted Queen Mary and Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

 Creepy carnival

 The big red barn where the carnival-inspired maze awaits, which you must
pass through (and survive) before boarding your hayride

The haunt is open on Fridays and Saturdays from now until November 2nd, 2018. For younger attendees, the haunt features two Twilight Tours at 6:30 PM and 7:00 PM for a less scary experience. For those brave souls 12 years of age and older, the scary tours start at 7:30 PM. The tour times sell out as they keep the groups small, so get your tickets in advance!

The ghost town electric chair, where live executions are held

 Another unfortunate victim

 Entrance to the Undead Swamp, where all manner of unpleasant scares await

The drive to the haunt is already eerie, since the roads in Big Bear at night are so dark! Mister Spooky and I arrived to the haunt about a half hour before our tour time. Full disclosure: I was provided with free tickets to check out the haunt. We wandered the grounds, which were decorated like a ghost town and dilapidated circus, got spooked by the wandering ghouls, checked out the mini walk-through haunts like Undead Swamp, Boot Hill Cemetery, and Haunted Mine Shaft. We headed to the big red barn near our tour time, which I assumed we would just board the haunted hayride. However, I was delighted to discover that the barn had been transformed into its own terrifying maze! This one was so much fun with so many different rooms to go through and so many scares!

 The residents of the ghost town are simply dying to meet you!

 About to enter the main attraction - I couldn't get any photos inside or on the
hayride since it was so dark, plus I don't want to spoil any surprises!

 One of the monsters posed for me in this cut-out!

After surviving the barn maze, we boarded the hayride and were off through the foggy back fields of the farm. It was a perfectly chilly night, with a low mist over the dark fields and a sickle moon hanging in the sky. I cannot even describe how fantastically fun this hayride was! There were scary scarecrows, horrifying monsters crawling out of the fields and chasing after the hayride (and at one point, actually boarding our hayride!!), terrifying tableaus of human sacrifice, and an incredible instance where a headless horseman emerged from the woods on his trusted stead and scared/wowed us half to death! On the way back, we detoured through the Slaughter House. We entered a big barn where all the doors were closed, all the lights were turned off, and we were terrified by monsters, who actually got right up in your face, boarded the hayride, and put on a fantastic show!

 I'm your boogieman

 Bear Valley Mine Co.

When we finally escaped the Slaughter House, we arrived back to the main haunt area, where we were treated to a live, electrifying execution of a madman. We took some time to wander around some more and visit with all the wonderful scare actors (they were all creepy and incredible). All in all, the experience took about an hour, and as soon as it was over I just wanted to do it all over again!

Scare Valley Farms was one of the most fun haunt experiences I have had all season! It is truly something spooktacularly special and so well done from start to finish. Everything from the sets to the mini haunts to the scare actors to the main haunt to the hayride and so on was amazing! This was such an entertaining and unique experience, I highly recommend checking it out if you can make it out to Big Bear. I actually rented out a cabin nearby so we could make a weekend out of it, which is definitely the way to go as Big Bear is gorgeous this time of year (just remember to pack warm clothes as it gets chilly at night).

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Bear Valley Farms!

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