Monday, October 29, 2018

The Stay At Home Girlfriend Zine #29 - Halloween 2018 Edition

My friend Kendy P. (aka MissMuffCake) creates some incredible zines (several which I've had the pleasure of contributing to or featuring here, like Cemetery Gates volumes three and five and Catsploitation). I recently had the pleasure of contributing a Halloween playlist to her latest zine, The Stay At Home Girlfriend volume 29. I just received my copy and it is packed full of Halloween treats! Get a sneak peek below...

I absolutely adore the art Kendy includes in the zine, and she has a bunch of fantastic guest contributors in this issue, along with her own articles. In this zine, you can expect vegan recipes for pumpkin spice pancakes, popcorn for horror movie marathons, delectable cookies, along with recollections of '90s horror movies and music, cute kitty sketches, witchy vibes, Halloween music playlist, and reflections on being an elder goth.

To purchase the zine for $4 (includes shipping), visit Kendy aka MissMuffCake's post on how to order this volume!

For more spooky goodness, visit Kendy's MissMuffCake blog and give her a follow on Instagram and Facebook!

Stay spooky!

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