Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Target's Halloween Shirts (and more) for 2014

"I'm With Creepy" is one of the coolest shirts Target has available
this Halloween season!

Target has some pretty awesome women's clothes for Halloween this year! Besides the usual t-shirts, they also have leggings and panties! Check them out below!

 Jack-o-Lantern baseball-style Halloween tee!

Boo! tee plus a sparkly pumpkin tee.

 Mummy Snoopy

 Jack Skellington long-sleeved tee. I just wish it was short-sleeved
instead of long-sleeved!

Cute skeleton Mickey tee!

 Tinkerbell and pumpkin tee

OMG, Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice undies!

 Halloween leggings!! They are a polyester/spandex blend, so a
little icky, but who can resist jack-o-lantern leggings?? And they are
only $14.99!

Skull and crossbones leggings, too!

If I remember correctly, the long-sleeved shirts and leggings were $14.99, the regular tees were $12.99, and the panties were $5.99 for one. 

I ended up buying the "I'm With Creepy" t-shirt, Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice panties, and the jack-o-lantern leggings! 


  1. i have yet to see the leggings. i need those beetlejuice undies for myself & the tinkerbell shirt for a friend!

  2. The jack 'o' lantern shirt with black sleeves pairs nicely with the Beetlejuice underoos.

  3. We didn't get anything like that in the Canadian Target. It would be difficult to not buy it all! :)


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