Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Beginnings of Halloween 2014 at Target

I stopped into Target yesterday to look for the Halloween Pyrex bowls they have this season, and was surprised to find their Halloween section already taking shape! They had a lot of socks and various knick-knacks in their dollar bins, but beyond that their actual Halloween section was finally being set up!

Unfortunately, I didn't find my Pyrex, but I did want to share what they did have out...and it looks promising!

 There are lots of vintage-inspired pieces this year! I love this style!

 Adorable party hats!

 Lottsa skulls, skeletons, and hooting owls!

 Those gravestones are made out of chalkboard and you can write 
on them! I need one! 

 These Victorian-inspired ornaments are beautiful! Just wish they 
didn't have glitter on them.

 Such cute Halloween baskets on the bottom shelf, plus I loved the 
"Bone Appetite" platter on the middle shelf!

 Jack-o-lanterns = happiness!

 Neat-o R.I.P. plastic cups (I believe the black part is chalkboard
you can write on), kitchen towels, claw bowls (didn't they have these 
last year??), and spiderweb bowls!

 Um, I really want this pizza costume!! It was a kid costume, hope 
they make it in adult sizes!

 Tablecloths and cauldrons...essentials for any witch's kitchen!

 The all-white ghoul was really creepy! 

 Halloween t-shirts in the woman's department!

These were a lot of cute Halloween party games!

Does your Target have anything out yet? What have you seen so far that you love?

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  1. Oh, excellent! I like some of their designs this year. I shall have to sneak over to the local store.


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