Monday, September 22, 2014

Trader Joe's Seasonal Pumpkin Items

Trader Joe's has gone pumpkin-crazy this autumn season! They have everything from pumpkin oatmeal to hard pumpkin cider to pumpkin trees out right now! Hey, I'm not complaining, I just wish more of these items were vegan.

However, a large bulk of their seasonal pumpkin items are vegan (or, at least they appeared 99.9% vegan after a quick scan of their ingredients - please correct me if I'm wrong). Here is a small sample of their pumpkin offerings this fall:

Pumpkin trees

 Pumpkin Bread and Muffin mix is vegan! Avoid the Pumpkin 
Pancake Waffle mix though - it is not vegan! 

 OMG, Pumpkin Rolls! These are just like Trader Joe's other 
Cinnamon Rolls (only better though, cuz pumpkin), and vegan!

 Good ol' organic canned pumpkin is back! 

 Pumpkin bagels! And from what I can tell they are vegan (no 
gross L-cysteine, i.e. poultry feathers)!

 Gluten-free Pumpkin Pancake Mix - PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT 
VEGAN! This must have slipped past my veg-dar (vegan radar), because
this product contains milk! Ugh, sorry guys!

 Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal - this stuff is my favorite!

Of course, they had tons of other non-vegan options (and probably other vegan options I missed), including pumpkin pop-tarts, pumpkin ravioli, and much more!

And FYI, their divine Pumpkin Body Butter (review) is back in-stores on September 29th! 

What are your favorite pumpkin items from Trader Joe's?

UPDATE 9/29/2014: Trader Joe's has added several other pumpkin items to their stores this week, including Pumpkin Joe-Joe's, Pumpkin Cornbread Mix, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Pita Crisps, and the return of their Pumpkin Body Butter! I went back to the store today and check out the awesome vegan pumpkin items I picked up!


  1. I bet those pumpkin rolls are goooooood!

  2. Cheers, I need some organic pumpkin, been waiting since last year!

  3. So sad, because it seems the pumpkin bagels are NOT vegan. I had my husband pick some up and besides the absence of the "V" on the package, the sugar is probably not vegan, and though it mentions the mono and di-glycerides are vegetable, it does just say "enzymes" and not vegetable enzymes. So I'll be returning the package :o(

    1. Hi there! I understand where you are coming from, but for me veganism is more about intent and the bigger picture rather than personal purity. Unfortunately, we don't live in a vegan world and will run into instances where there may or may not be trace amounts of animal ingredients in food and products. This is why I strongly believe in the 99.9% vegan rule and try not to stress too much about the possibility of small traces of animal ingredients. However, it is all about where you want to draw the line, so I totally get if you'd rather avoid these due to the sugar. FYI - enzymes are in reference to the yeast, and are totally vegan, so you're safe there. ;)

  4. Oh,..I'm so glad you posted this. We just got our first Trader Joe's here, it's about 30-40 minutes from our house, so we don't just pop in all the time like we would if it were closer. And what really sucks is that because it's the first and the only one anywhere near, it is always super packed inside with longs lines, and the shelves are literally half empty EVERY time we go. I've been anxiously waiting to see what they'd get in for Fall, but didn't really want to waste a trip down there for nothing to even be out yet, or for everything to be out of stock already. Now I have a list and will make the pilgrimage...maybe tomorrow even. I'd really love to try that pumpkin body butter too...but as busy as our store is, I bet it's sold out already if they got it in earlier this week. Maybe I can have my friend who lives in Laguna Beach, CA check hers and see if they have it, and if so pick me up a tub. Thanks again for all the info! Happy October!


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