Friday, September 19, 2014

The Beginnings of Halloween 2014 at Walmart

I stopped into Walmart this week to see if they had any of their Halloween stuff out, and they already had a few aisles of costumes, candy, and decorations out! They had lots of kids costumes already out, plus Halloween makeup and tons of candy. 
Their other Halloween aisles were a little more bare, but they had Halloween lighting, some decor, some jewelry, party supplies, and lots of autumn-themed tableware. Disappointingly, they didn't have any adult-sized t-shirts or socks out yet. They did have a lot of baby and kid Halloween clothes out, though.

I didn't get photos everything they had, but here are some photos to give you an idea of what they had started to put out:

Pumpkins everywhere!

 These decorative lawn stakes were small, but really cool and only
$2 a piece!

 Batty and Jack tins

 Black owls and ravens just begging for a good home!

 Halloween Utz pretzels

 A very colorful Halloween aisle, but I liked that vintage-inspired
cat sign!

 Plastic skull 'n' crossbones cups

 Lots of cool Halloween jewelry - I bought that flying raven necklace
you see in the lower righthand corner.

 Baking supplies

I liked these candle wax warmers a lot...too bad I already spent $20
on a poorly designed Yankee Candle jack-o-lantern one. I should
have just waited and bought these for half the price with a better

Has your Walmart put Halloween stuff out yet? Have you found anything that is a must-have from Walmart for Halloween?

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