Tuesday, July 14, 2015

First Halloween Items of 2015 Spotted at Michael's

Halloween goodies!

I stopped into Michael's last Friday to check if they had started stocking their shelves with Halloween items yet, and though it wasn't much, they did have a few things! I pretty much squeeeeeeeeeealed with delight when I saw they had some stuff out! 

One end cap (in the photo above and the one below) was filled with Halloween signs, witchy items, eerie ornaments, spell books, potion bottles, and other knick knacks. The only item that really struck me was a countdown to Halloween sign, with a chalkboard section to scribble in how many days remain until Halloween (shown in the photo above).

 Spell books, knick knacks, potion bottles, signs and other items.

The only other items they had out were some Halloween hairbows, ribbons, wreaths, and autumn foliage, some of which is pictured below.

 Halloween wreaths up in the very back of the store.

Of course all their fall foliage is out, but I was particularly taken with this 
stripey, curly floral decor that reminded me of Beetlejuice!

I figure that since they have a few items out, the rest will probably be out in a few weeks. Their summer section was still full, so they hadn't yet made room for the Halloween items. But soon my fiends, soon our time will be here! 


  1. Ohhh, I totally forgot what some places have Halloween decorations out this early! I'm going to have to go check stuff out ASAP! IT'S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAARRRR! <3


  2. As much as I love Halloween, it's too early. Part of what makes it so special is that it used to only be around for maybe two months tops. It kinda loses something when it starts hitting stores this early before it's even close to October, you've seen it all.

  3. went and did not find much - only a few end caps. i did score some sugar skull stickers that are cool!

  4. Omgomgomgomgomgomgomg....I WANT IT ALL.


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