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Vegan Faire 2015 Report

Vegan Faire 2015!

This past Saturday I attended the second annual Orange County Vegan Faire, hosted by Healthy Junk and held on Anaheim's Center Street Promenade. It was my first year attending, and I braved the 90 degree temps for vegan food, vegan friends, and vegan vendors! I was so stoked to have a vegan festival just 20 minutes from my house in Orange County - I'm so happy OC has a veg fest so I don't have to drive all the way up to LA. Even better, a lot of vegan friends came out to the event so I was able to get my grub on with some rad vegan peeps! 

The Junk Bar - I loooooved the apricot cider they had on tap! 

I was paranoid about the parking situation, so Mister Spooky and I go there an hour early to secure parking and scope out the vendors setting up so we could decide which ones we wanted to hit once they finally opened. Since we got there early, parking was a breeze (and free!), and we were able to check out all the vendors before they opened (entrance to the faire is free, too!). Once we walked around a bit, we headed over to the Junk Bar (Healthy Junk's bar, serving up vegan booze!) and chit-chatted with awesome bartender Andrea while we sipped on some drinks (IPA for Mister, apricot cider for me) and tried to stay cool! 

Life is Sweet Bakeshop goodies - cinnamon buns (sorry the pic is blurry, all my
heavy breathing probably fogged up my camera lens), the famous poptarts, 
menu for the event, and the poptarts I enjoyed the next morning - 
S'mores and Purple Potato!

The Faire opened at noon, and we made a beeline for Life is Sweet Bakeshop for their decadent treats! Robin's vegan desserts never disappoint, and I always buy goodies from her whenever possible! This time I picked up s'mores and purple potato poptarts and their Ultimate Mint Cookie Crunch Brownies! Their s'mores poptarts are filled with homemade chocolate ganache, vegan marshmallow cream and drizzled with vanilla glaze and graham crumbs. Their savory purple potato poptarts are made with purple potato mash, rosemary-garlic cashew cream and topped with coarse sea salt and dried rosemary. Both were soooooo good! And the brownie was so thick, moist, and full of crunchy cookie crisps and refreshing mint! They had sold out of everything by 3:30 PM, so I'm glad I got to snag some of their treats!

Plant Food for People's torta and Super Crazy taco, their food truck, and their
menu for the event.

Next, we hit up Plant Food for People for some bomb tacos. I had been wanting to try their tacos for such a long time, and was excited to finally have the opportunity! We got a Super Crazy Taco as well as their torta. Their taco was RAD, but the star of the show was their torta! I fricking love tortas, and this one was packed with marinated jackfruit and topped with spicy chipotle mayo, cashew cheese, beans, tomatillo salsa and coleslaw, all stuffed between a fresh loaf of crusty bolillo bread. I want another just thinking about it! It was crazy good, and I hope Plant Food for People comes back down to OC more often, because I'm gonna be dreaming about their food until they do!

Vegan Pizza's booth, menu, plus their vegan corn dogs and vegan Thai iced tea!

We walked around a bit after that, admiring all the vendors, which included a lot of clothing, jewelry, home goods, candles, perfume, and, of course, FOOD! Pretty soon we were hungry again, so we hit up Vegan Pizza for their incredible corn dogs and refreshing Thai iced tea! As always, their corn dogs were on point! I pretty much told everyone I saw that came down from LA and beyond that Vegan Pizza's corn dogs are not to be missed!

Soapy Layne's "The Woods" and "Moonlight Butterfly" scents I picked up, 
plus their adorable booth!

Besides food, I had the pleasure of purchasing some vegan and cruelty-free scents from Soapy Layne. I was initially drawn to their witchy booth, and then discovered some amazing scents I ended up purchasing! They also had a lot of body care, skin care, and lip care items I was salivating over. Their items are all vegan and cruelty-free! I love the scents I purchased - full review to come soon!

By that time it was around 2:30 PM and we were melting! Though we wanted to stay to hang out with friends and eat more vegan food, the heat was just too much and we had to leave or risk heat exhaustion. Why do they always plan these events in the scorching summer?? How about winter or early spring when temps are actually tolerable? Besides the heat, it was a fun event and I would gladly return as long as it wasn't as hot. 

You can find out more about Vegan Faire from their website.

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