Monday, August 23, 2010

Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery - Ferndale, CA

While visiting my grandma up in Northern California (check out pictures here), I had lunch in the Victorian town of Ferndale at the charming Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery. In such a tiny town I was surprised to find that Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery is an all vegetarian restaurant!

In talking with the owner, I found that he originally wanted to make it an all vegan cafe, but that necessarily wouldn't fly in the predominately dairy town. However, many of the dishes were either already vegan or could be made vegan on request. I was absolutely giddy to try something!

Just check out their specials the day I visited:

The Lunch Specials

After chatting up the friendly and helpful owner on what the vegan options were, I decided to order the "Roll Up Your Sleeves" Gardenburger with all the fixin's. I choose the chili as a side and then went outside to find a spot on the sunny patio:

Sunny patio nook that overlooks 
Main Street Ferndale

As I was soaking up the sun (the first real day of sun I had up there!), they brought out the gorgeous chili! It was so vibrant that I just couldn't wait to dig in...and it was as tasty as it was pretty! Full of different kinds of beans floating in a flavorful sauce with the perfect balance of spice, I gobbled it right up!

Lost Coast Cafe's Chili

After the chili I was pretty full, but then they brought out the succulent veggie burger! It was piled full of sauteed veggies, lettuce and a juicy Gardenburger and topped with yummy pesto sauce. Even though I was full, I just couldn't resist taking a bite...and another...and another...until I polished off the whole thing!! It was just that good!

"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Gardenburger Piled High with Veggies

The only negative aspect of the whole experience was the inefficient service when trying to pay the bill. See, you order your food at the counter upon arriving, but instead of paying then you pay later. PLUS they don't bring you your bill, but you have to go back to the counter to pay. Since someone was ahead of me in line making a huge to-go order, it took at least 10 minutes for me just to pay! I had wanted to try some of their baked goods (they make vegan ones!!), but I was so fed up with waiting that I just left. If they could work out the kinks in their service and make things more efficient and not make the customer make so long, Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery would be perfect!

Despite this gripe, I have to praise Lost Coast Cafe for their delicious food and friendly owner. He is obviously running the restaurant out of love and passion and I sincerely hope he succeeds! Plus, he knows how to make a mean chili, and I gotta respect that! 

If you ever find yourself visiting Humboldt County, do yourself a favor and check out Lost Coast Cafe and Bakery in the beautiful Victorian town of Ferndale, California!

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  1. Thanks for posting pictures of food I can actually eat - very nice for a change. Both looked fantastic.

    Thanks for sharing.



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