Monday, August 23, 2010

Vacation Photos!

Sunset at Grandma's house

Hello my darlings!

I've returned from a blissful week-long getaway up at my grandma's house in NorCal! I did a lot of hiking in the cool weather, toured some neat historical places and bummed around my old hometown of Ferndale, California! The week-long sabbatical without cell phone reception and internet was extremely relaxing, but I'm glad to be back to civilization!

A picture is worth a thousand words, so below you'll find pics of the trip rather than a lengthy description of everything I did. Enjoy!

My bags - laptop, food, purse, book/snack bag for the car, luggage!

The road to grandma's house!

Grandma's house!


Old shack on grandma's ranch

Mmmmm...fresh raspberries!

Banana Slug!

Antique fireworks?

Ferndale Cemetery

Ferndale Cemetery

Love this cemetery!

Ferndale Cemetery

Ferndale Cemetery

Ferndale Cemetery

Awesome church-turned-private-residence right next to the cemetery!

Main Street Ferndale

 Excellent vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Ferndale!

Menu at Lost Coast Cafe...I had the yummy
"Roll Up Your Sleeves" Gardenburger!

Gingerbread Mansion - Ferndale, CA

Adorable Halloween display

View of the ocean from my grandma's ranch

Hiking with my grandma on the ranch

Cute lil' snake!

 Grandma's border collie, Annie...soooo cute!

Sunset on the ranch


Centerville Beach

The Redwoods!


The desolate road home in 100 degree weather...ick!


  1. Best vacation photos ever! Thanks for sharing. That was a lot of fun!


  2. Wow love the photos! What city does she live in? It looks so nice for a little vacation there. Oh and those sheep need a haircut haha I wonder if they can see with such long bangs!

  3. Ooh....loving the vacations photos. How lovely it is there. So wish I was on vacation too. Like the elevations in the cemetery and your Grandma's house is fabulous! Hope you had a wonderful relaxing time! Thanks for sharing all the great photos with us too! :o)

  4. Wonderful photos!! Looks like a great spot for a vacation :)

  5. Oh wow! This looks like it was a great trip. The gingerbread house is awesome looking!!


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