Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nom Nom Nom Hom Hom Hommus

Meet my new favorite hummus!!

I'm usually pretty loyal to Trader Joe's Edamame Hummus (OMG sooooo good!) but lately I've fallen in love with Cedar's Roasted Pine Nuts Hommus. It is just so creamy, flavorful and delicious and can't help but pick up a tub every time I go to Henry's!

I also tried Cedar's Roasted Garlic Hommus, and while I can't deny it's also very good, it was a bit overpowering (and I'm a big garlic lover!), so I'll be sticking to my Pine Nuts Hommus.

Nom nom nom!!!


  1. Cedar's Lemon hummus is my favorite too; but when I don't feel like dealing with WF; i buy Trader Joe's chipotle. The Cedars brand is unbelievably creamy..i just LOVE IT.

  2. The recipe for hummus in :How to Cook Everything Vegetarian' is the best. The key ... cook your own chickpeas and save the liquid. Super easy (assuming you have a food processor).


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