Monday, October 17, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: The Art of Eric Pigors

Eric Pigors is an amazing artist I’ve admired for many years who has a very dedicated fan base in the horror/gothic communities. He has had quite a career, spending 15 years at Walt Disney Feature Animation Studios doing art on such films as The Lion King, Treasure Planet, Aladdin, Hercules, Beauty and the Beast and most recently Princess and the Frog. Eric even sold an original feature idea to Disney called “Silly Hillbillies on Mars”.

After working at Disney, Pigors started his own company, called Toxictoons, where he has created his own monster-inspired art and animation. Pigors even made a seven minute animated film called, Let’s Chop Soo-E! that ran on MTV's Liquid Television. Pigors’ Toxictoons were released as stickers by Posterpop and by Mezco Toys under the line “Let’s Play in the Morgue”.

You’ve probably seen Pigors’ art on concert tour shirts he has done for Metallica, The Murderdolls, The Ghastly Ones, Genitorturers, Scum of the Earth, Psychocharger, 69 Eyes and many others.

Of course, with all his spooky artisticness, Pigors has created some truly memorable Halloween artwork, which you can enjoy below!

AND he has a fun app called MONSTERPIECES where you can design your own monsters!! Check it out on iTunes!

Don't forget to check out all the gruesome Halloween goodies on the Toxictoons' site!


  1. Love the artwork. Thanks for posting!

  2. These are great! I'm sure I've run into Eric's work several times online. I like the illustration of all the monsters at a Halloween party with the Monster Mash playing. Very festive!


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