Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Best Halloween iPhone Apps

If you're like me, you LOVE spooky games year-round, but in particular for Halloween! So, below I've collected some of my favorite games for the iPhone to play this time of year.

In no particular order:

Plants vs. Zombies - I've been addicted to this game ever since it was first released on PC! I love the cute (but tough) plants and the colorful cast of zombies!

Scene It? Horror Movies and Scene It? Horror Movies 2 - The best horror trivia app I've played ... awesome design and a variety of games that contain horror trivia from the classics to new favorites that will  keep any horror fan entertained for hours!

Candy Catch and Monster Munch - Two cute little games where you either catch and/or dodge Halloween items falling from the sky. A fun little time-waster for all ages!

Monsterpieces - Eric Pigors' create-your-own-monster app! I've previously blogged about Pigors' awesome artwork here, and this app features his artwork PLUS you get to build your own monster that you can save to your camera roll and share with friends!

Pumpkin Carnage - In this game you shoot a pumpkin out of a cannon and control its projectile, trying to hit as many items as possible, while avoiding those that will smash your pumpkin. I love this game - so simple, yet so fun!

Infect Them All! - Another zombie game, though in this one instead of killing zombies you ARE the zombie and are trying to infect as many others as possible!

So there you have it, a few of my favorites that should have you entertained for hours!

What are your favorite Halloween and horror-themed apps?

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