Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: Lush's Halloween Bath Products

Lush's Halloween bath products are herrrrrre!! I have loved Lush's products for year's now, but their Halloween products always hold a special place in my heart! How can I resist natural, organic and vegan pumpkin soap, spiderweb bubble bath and ghostly shower gel?!

My annual favorites include their Pumpkin Soap (smells like clove, cardamom and fresh pumpkin), Cobweb Bath Bomb (smells like lavender, chamomile and a touch of blackcurrant) and Ghost Shower Gel (smells like rose and lilies)!

Get yours while supplies last at!


  1. These products looks gorgeous, I will definitely have to haul ass to Lush to have a look-see! :)

  2. Hey I like the looks of these ALOT!!! I am heading over now. Ooohhh come by my blog for another book giveaway. This one is on making rings

  3. I've heard good things about Lush products. These scents sound wonderful!

  4. The Pumpkin Soap looks yummy. Would totally mistaken it for candy.

  5. I didn't know LUSH celebrated Halloween. This is exciting.

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