Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of Halloween: New Women's Halloween 2011 Costumes I Want

I was browsing Spirit Halloween's new 2011 women's costumes, and besides a few lame ones (they are still selling Jersey Shore costumes??), I found some pretty neat-o ones!! I already have ideas for my costume this year (check out my previous post), but any of these would be a cool alternative.

I love this!! Not only do I love Edward Scissorhands, but the aesthetics of this costume are so beautiful to me!

I absolutely loved Sucker Punch (I think I may have been the only one), and I adore this sailor-inspired costume. It may not seem like something I would be drawn to, but it just is!

This is so cute and if it was nicer quality I would definitely wear this for more than just Halloween!

I just can't resist a sexy, blood-splattered zombie costume.

Or a creepy, blood-splattered zombie costume!

What are some costumes you would like to wear for Halloween? 


  1. These costumes are great!! I can't wait til I am a bit smaller so I can get really hot costumes. I am hoping to be at my goal next year!

  2. I would definitely go for the Walking Dead Little Girl Zombie. It's perfectly creepy.

  3. Actually, the Edwina Scissorhands costume is kind of brilliant.

    But in general I find the sexy-this and sexy-that costumes really obnoxious. Like, do ladies not deserve nice classy Halloween costumes? Why does everything just have to be rendered down to a short skirt, cleavage and stockings?

  4. The Dark Alice costume is so cute! I like the wig too.

  5. LOL! Please do not remind me that I still have to find a costume for my party!!! That scares me more than any movie!! :D



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