Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Limited Edition Trick r Treat Posters on Sale 10/20

Whoa...thanks to the awesome PumpkinRot's blog I discovered these AMAZING limited edition Trick 'r Treat posters that go on sale TOMORROW, October 20th (just in time for my little sister's birthday - Happy Birthday, Sea-Star!!)!

There are only 225 of the "orange" design and only 90 of the "black" design. They are going for $45 a pop, and won't last long. Designed by Phantom City Creative and offered by Mondo Newsletter, these are absolutely gorgeous and of course I WANT!!

They will go on sale tomorrow at an undisclosed time, so check out Mondo Newsletter's Twitter to learn when you can pick these babies up!

Also offered are posters for Sleepaway Camp and The Burning, which are pretty sweet as well!

Check out the Mondo Newsletter HERE!

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