Thursday, October 2, 2014

Food Review: Trader Joe's Pumpkin Joe-Joe's

A brand new product was released at Trader Joe's for the 2014 Halloween season - Pumpkin Joe-Joe's! If you are familiar with the Trader Joe's grocery stores, you'll know that they usually have some kind of Halloween-themed Joe-Joe's, but I have never seen pumpkin ones before!

If you aren't familiar with Trader Joe's, their Joe-Joe's are like Oreos! And they are also "accidentally vegan" (unless you feel strongly about processed sugar - however, like I've said before, veganism is all about intent and not perfection, so I am fine with being 99.9% vegan, meaning I don't stress about possible trace amounts of animal ingredients). I know many people that prefer the Joe-Joe's to Oreos and they appear to be a bit healthier than regular Oreos (they are still cookies though, so it's not like they are health food!).

I found the Pumpkin Joe-Joe's just a few days after trying the brand new Pumpkin Spice Oreos (review), so I was interested in how the two stacked up. Like the Oreos, the Joe-Joe's smelled like sweet, sugary pumpkin pie goodness! The Joe-Joe's smelled more spicy to me than the Oreos, like a healthy does of cinnamon and ginger had been used in their creation.

The Joe-Joe's were made with golden cookies that sandwich together an inner layer of creamy filling, like Oreos. However, the Pumpkin Spice Oreos filling color was orange, whereas the Joe-Joe's were a cream color. The Oreos were more uniform in shape, size and filling, while the Joe-Joe's looked a bit more handmade, for example the amount of filling varied from cookie to cookie.

Appearances aside, the Joe-Joe's tasted scrumptious! Their flavor is more prominent than the Pumpkin Spice Oreos and in my opinion they taste closer to a pumpkin pie! I loved the Joe-Joe's strong notes of pumpkin pie spices along with their sugary sweetness. When I first tried the Oreos, I thought their flavor was strong, but it pales in comparison the the Joe-Joe's, and the Joe-Joe's taste better for it! Pro-tip: these are delicious on their own, but dipped in coffee or tea they are absolute heaven!

Now I need to go back and buy more since I will mow through a box of these in no time at all!

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