Friday, October 31, 2014

31 Days of Halloween: Happy Halloween and My Autumn Bucket List Completion

Happy Halloween, fiends!! Thanks for joining me on the 31 Days of Halloween countdown! I hope you had as much fun as I did. I cannot believe it is already over and that it is Halloween, the best day of the year! I want the season to start all over again and it's bittersweet that another Halloween season is nearly over.

I wanted to take a look back to appreciate all the bucket list items I completed this month. Let's take a look at my original bucket list and see what items I completed and can cross off, shall we?

-Visit the pumpkin patches at Tanaka Farms and Irvine Regional Park
-Drink pumpkin tea/pumpkin flavored coffee - I did A LOT of this!

-Watch as many horror movies as possible - I focused a lot on haunted house/ghost movies this month, and mission accomplished!
-Attend Vegan Oktoberfest in Santa Monica October 4th
-Bake pumpkin muffins, bread, scones, cookies, etc.
-Watch as many Halloween-themed movies, tv shows, specials, etc.
-Finally get a Hocus Pocus poster and have it framed - didn't get around to this, wahhhhh!
-Visit all the big box stores (Target, Walmart, HomeGoods, etc.) to look at their Halloween stock (but restrain myself from buying all of it) - yes, I visited tons of stores and I think I controlled myself (Mister Spooky might have a different opinion, though)

-Burn pumpkin spice wax melts/candles 24/7 so my house always smells like an autumnal wonderland - pumpkin spice errrrrryday!
-Drink apple cider - I didn't go to Julian this year, so didn't get any fresh stuff, though I did have some yummy Honey Crisp Apple Cider from Trader Joe's!
-Sample lots of different pumpkin or autumn beers - oh heck yes; see this post from earlier this month
-Carve pumpkins - duh
-Crank up the Halloween music - I started listening to Halloween music in June (and enjoy it year round)
-Host a pumpkin carving party or horror movie night - yep, always a blast!
-Hand out vegan candy to trick or treaters (I live in a new neighborhood where I hope they have trick or treaters) - this is yet to be seen! Fingers crossed for trick or treaters tonight! UPDATE: We got trick or treaters!! Not too many, but we had about 20 come up to our door and it was so much fun!

-Send Halloween cards to friends and family - I hosted a fun Halloween card swap, so definitely done!
-Wear as much orange and black as possible - I think I need more orange clothing
-Make a new Halloween music mix to post on 8tracks - never got around to this
-Watch Halloween cartoons - didn't watch as many as I usually do
-Visit the Halloween display at Roger’s Gardens in Newport Beach - did this on opening day
-Go to a haunted house, haunt or hayride - I finally went to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights (read out it here), a local haunted house called Empty Grave, and I'm actually going to Delusion, a haunted house/interactive play this Sunday!

-Read The Halloween Tree and other Halloween-themed stories - done!
-Paint my nails orange - yep!
-Check out horror movies in theaters - I only checked out As Above So Below in September, but didn't see any in theaters in October
-Roast pumpkin seeds - yep, did this after multiple pumpkin carvings!
-Try new vegan autumn recipes - meh, I was so busy that it didn't leave much time for cooking....relied mostly on quick meals and pumpkin everything!
-Eat as many pumpkin-based foods (that are vegan) as possible - definitely done! I can never get enough!
-Complete the 31 Days of Halloween challenge! - Planned this year's countdown months in advance so I wouldn't fall behind in posting like last year! Mission accomplished!!

I had a lot of fun with this year's countdown, but since I took this hallowed day off from work, I'm going to go gorge myself on pumpkin foodstuffs, watch even more Halloween-y horror movies, and hope for trick or treaters tonight!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Halloween!


  1. wow - you got a lot accomplished this month - have a super Halloween.

    1. Yes! Such a busy month but I had a blast! Thank you and hope you had a Happy Halloween as well!

  2. I hope you do get a lot of trick' r 'treaters. Thank you for all the spooky decor, amazing fall vegan fare and the soulful art you introduced us to this year! Happy Halloween!

    1. Awwww thanks, glad you enjoyed the posts and thanks for reading!! We did get trick 'r treaters...not too many, but enough to make it fun! Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  3. Happy Halloween Sarah (you spooky vegan you!) Thanks for doing your part to 'keep it spooky' this year. And I'm especially grateful for your Trader Joe's posts, as I got to try out all kinds of new Pumpkin Goodies this year, and I had no idea they were even in stock already until I read your post and ran right over there to fill my cart to the brim! :o) See you around the cauldron...
    Cheers ~ Wendy

    1. Yay! TJ's really knocked it out of the park with their pumpkin goodies this year! Thanks for reading and hope you had a Happy Halloween!!

  4. Thank you for sharing your 31 Days of Halloween with all of us. It is indeed a bittersweet moment now that Halloween 2014 -- the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR -- is but a memory. Fortunately, for some of us, every day has a touch of Halloween, but I am still sad. Time to start planning for next year. As Jack Skellington said "And I just can't wait until next Halloween, 'cause I've got some new ideas that will really make them scream!" Let the countdown begin to Halloween 2015!!!!

    1. Indeed...I am already scheming for next year! Halloween is everyday! :D

  5. I'm late getting around to everyone's posts - Sounds like an awesome October! Hope you had a great Halloween & lots of ToTers!

    1. Thank you! It was a wonderful month! And, yes, we did get trick or treaters, yay! Hope you had a Happy Halloween as well! :)


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