Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Beauty Review: SoapyLayne Vegan Perfumes

I discovered the coolest vegan and cruelty-free company at Vegan Faire this past July called SoapyLayne. Their witchy signage first caught my eye, and when I investigated I found that they had some lovely perfumes and other body, bath, and makeup products. By the time I checked out their booth at Vegan Faire I had spent the majority of my cash on food, but I still had enough money to pick up two scents that I was swooning over, a solid perfume called Moonlight Butterfly and a roll-on perfume oil by the name of The Woods.

Moonlight Butterfly comes in a small tin that I can toss in my purse and take with me everywhere. The scent is an entrancing blend of ylang ylang, geranium rose, orange, and patchouli. It is soft and mysterious, like moonbeams on butterfly wings on a warm summer night. I love the heady smell of ylang ylang and geranium rose, with the patchouli giving it an earthy vibe and orange adding just the right amount of brightness to the scent.

The Woods and Moonlight Butterfly scents from Soapy Layne

The Woods perfume oil comes in a roll-on tube that also fits nicely in my purse or pocket. It is a botanical blend of rose absolute, geranium rose, rosewood, cedarwood and sandalwood. I love the woodsy aroma of rosewood and cedarwood, the warmth of sandalwood, and the floral undertones of geranium rose and rose absolute. I go mad over woodsy and floral scents together, so I simply adore this perfume!

Both scents as well as all SoapyLayne products are handmade, vegan, cruelty-free, and made with natural botanicals and (when possible) organic ingredients. They have many other scents in addition to the two I purchased, and they also offer vegan makeup, body care, hair care and skin care products, including items for dudes like beard oil and moustache wax. Many new goodies are regularly introduced, so I'm always finding new things posted on their Etsy store!

I really adore the SoapyLayne scents I purchased and look forward to trying out other products from this local Orange County and woman-owned business. I highly recommend their unique and swoon-worthy scents, which are all not only fabulous, but also reasonably priced!

The Woods and Moonlight Butterfly scents from Soapy Layne

You can peruse SoapyLayne's magical offerings on their Etsy store!

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