Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Halloween 2015 at Roger's Gardens - "Something Wicked This Way Comes"

My Labor Day weekend tradition is to visit Roger's Gardens in Corona del Mar/Newport Beach for the opening of their annual Halloween display. Each year, they create gorgeous sets built around a specific theme. This year the theme was "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and the sets featured a circus/carnival look loosely based on the iconic Ray Bradbury novel. Each section was transformed into a distinct "tent" - there was a magician's tent, the side show tent, a medicine man tent, and a fortune teller tent.

As usual, this weekend I visited and was swooning over all their beautifully themed rooms, artwork, and Halloween items. They have some stunning stuff and so much to look at and take in! It took me a good solid hour (and then some) to take everything in. I took many, many photos, and selected a few to share with you:

 Entering the big top!

 Once you enter, you can choose your fate by going either to the right or left...

 One "tent" contains mesmerizing displays of a magician's show!

I adore the old magician posters adorning the walls!

 Next up is the side show, with a collection of fascinating freaks. 
The images in the frames above actually move!

 This BOO marquee sign was so cute, and those are all glass ornaments hanging from a tree.

The skeleton fortune teller on the top left was so perfect! Loved all the other decor
they had, especially anything with black cats and pumpkins!

 This fortune teller tent was neat! They also had a Ouija board 
under glass that was rigged to moved by itself!

 Lottsa cool phrenology and palm reading decorations!

These lovely creations are from Scott Smith of Rucus Studio
I love the craftsmanship of these pieces of art! 

Just loungin' around. 

 Loved the vintage-style Halloween poms and party decorations!

More black cats and pumpkins, plus teeth that actually clack when you walk by!

 This art was very reminiscent of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness! 

Those cat masks! WANT!

Pumpkin bowl, very scary witch lamp, creepy coffin bank, and a jack-o-lantern party game! 

The medicine man tent is full of potions and creepy crawlies!

Spooktacular specimens from the medicine man tent!

 Green goo and talking (well, moaning) skulls!

 A Dia de los Muertos skeleton! 

 They had a lot of skeleton themed tableware, including these nifty plates! 

Of course, they had all their pumpkins out full force! 

And these lucky three got to come home with me!

If you are in Southern California, I highly recommend coming to Orange County to visit the Halloween displays of Roger's Gardens - you'll be transported to a magical world you won't want to leave!

The Halloween display runs now through October 31st.

For more info, you can visit Roger's Gardens' website!


  1. How absolutly amazing is this?? I need to go there!!

  2. I love their themes, and that every year is different! I'll be honest, as a fan of the novel I think my hopes were too high for what I actually saw this year. That being said, still thrilled! I want to make the moving tarot card hurricane thing they had.


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