Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sneak Peek: Halloween 2015 at Target

Cute lawn signs and wooden signs that were around $3 in the Dollar Spot section.
Um, how perfect is that spooky bat sign?! I would have bought it if it wasn't so

I stopped into Target over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised to see a few Halloween items in a few sections! Not much yet at the particular store I visited, but we all know how long Target takes to put the full glory of their Halloween goodies out (we are looking at mid- to late-September), so I was stoked to see just a few orange and black items popping up!

Here are a few photos of the Halloween 2015 products I spotted so far at Target, which I consider a sneak peek of things to come!

 Halloween cards! 

 Halloween tees! My sister and I ended up getting the "I'm Not Your Boo" tees!

 Adorable mummy mason jar (they had a few different designs) and behind that 
is a small storage basket that was only $3! All found in the dollar section.

Caramel Apple Oreos are back!

I also picked up some orange Halloween Oreos (yes, they are vegan!), and they also had a few other Halloween food items out like candy corn (not vegan), other candies, and so on on the shelves and/or endcaps. The seasonal section was still full of back to school junk, though. However, I know that slowly but surely they will fill their shelves with Halloween stuff!

What kind of Halloween items does your Target have in stock? Have you picked up anything Halloweenie yet from Target?

Until next time, stay spooky!


  1. i bought the apple oreos a few weeks back - yum!

    when i went to target last friday there was nothing. going back friday to scope out more stuff! <3

  2. I've GOT to get that "I'm not your boo" t shirt! In my office full of mostly women, there's a guy who is so clearly favored by one boss, he is known as "The Boss's Boo", so I think it would be hilarious if I wore that shirt to work.


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