Thursday, September 17, 2015

Product Review: Cellar Door Bath Supply Co.'s Halloween Soaps

When I saw a friend post about Cellar Door Bath Supply Co., I knew I had to check them out! They make cruelty-free and vegan bath supplies like bath salts and soaks, candles, and soaps, complete with a full line of Halloween-inspired soaps!

I had a tough time deciding what to order, because I wanted it ALL! They have spooktacular scents like Halloween Hootenanny ("tart poison apples. overripe pears. hard luck candy. bags upon bags upon candy spilled across the dance floor at your neighbor’s Halloween garage party."), Pumpkin Chai ("warm pumpkin puree. spicy chai. freshly roasted coffee. the perfect marriage of two of fall’s most warm, cozy, and downright delicious seasonal drinks"), All Hallow's Eve ("pagan spices. preserved orange. ceremonial woods. the things that happen late at night that fill your heart with fear and fright."), and many more, all of which sounded so terrifically tantalizing! However, after much debate I ended up ordering the five scents below:

Cobwebs and Candelabras smells like "smudging sage. birch bark. dusty bookcases. the forgotten grandeur of a ballroom whose floors have long been used solely by the spirits that reside within." This soap has a light, delicate scent that completely matches its description. It reminds me of seances, flickering candles, and spiraling staircases draped in shadows and cobwebs. I'm currently using it to scent my lingerie drawer.

Haunted Woods is reminiscent of "fallen leaves. moss. freshly dug earth. lichen. the aroma left behind by the apparition known as 'The Lady in the Woods.'" Again, the description is dead on - reminds me of the late autumn woods, with bare branches ensnared in fog with the smell of damp earth carpeted in dead leaves. When I wash with this I feel like I am transformed into an incorporeal spirit that can't be touched or seen but only felt.

Scarecrow Hollow is like "fresh hay bales. tilled soil. worn out flannel shirt. a tractor ride through a corn field with nothing but the scarecrows and your thoughts to keep you company." To me this smells like comfort! This soap reminds me of growing up on a ranch as a kid and autumn afternoons spent riding in the back of a pick-up truck full of hay bales, and slants of sunlight through

The Drunken Pumpkin smells like "fresh carved pumpkin. caramelly pumpkin ale. autumn spices. a whole pumpkin patch just waiting to be turned into barrels and barrels of delicious, refreshing pumpkin ales." This scent reminds me drinking pumpkin beer while carving pumpkins! Perfect boozy, pumpkin-y deliciousness!

Zombie Repellent is full of the scents of "ancient spices. sacred woods. pungent musk. running through the forest while the undead are nipping at your heels." Smelling this reminds me of hiding from zombies in musty basements, with faint whiffs of cinnamon and evergreen forests. It also makes me think of Egyptian mummies wrapped in spice-infused shrouds and ancient curses.

Not only are all these scents entirely unique and mesmerizing, but they are also handmade, cruelty-free, vegan, and free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and synthetic dyes. They lather up nicely and make my skin feel incredibly soft! I love lathering up with these in the shower as they scent the whole bathroom and leave me feeling squeaky clean, smelling mysterious and make my skin luxuriously smooth. The soaps are very reasonably priced, and Cellar Door currently offers a flat shipping rate of $5 for any order! When I ordered mine, shipping was exceptionally fast (I think they shipped the same day I ordered, and arrived within 2 days!). 

And in case you were wondering, no, I'm not getting paid or getting freebies for this review - I genuinely think this is fantastic company that is creating some absolutely dreamy soaps. All of my Cellar Door soaps smell so divine that I am already eyeballing the next batch I want to order! And I can't wait to try out their candles and such, too! I am hoping that maybe in the future they come out with a line of Halloween candles, because that would be soooooo awesome!

Besides the Halloween soaps, Cellar Door also has other scent collections of soaps, candles, and bath salts that all sound incredible! I am especially intrigued by their Black Collection of masculine scents, including their Tobacco Oakmoss candle.

If you are looking for some spooky suds to celebrate the haunting Halloween season, check out Cellar Door Bath Supply Co. With 13 lucky scents in their Halloween collection, a perfect scent is lurking for everyone!

Check out all the goodies that Cellar Door offers on their website!


  1. This is so cool. Yesterday I saw the very first poor Halloween stuff here in Vienna and I could have cried thinking about all the amazing things I saw and see on your blog.

  2. The cobwebs & candelabras and haunted woods sound divine! Definitely going to check them out.

  3. Thank you for the review, I just ordered 5 to try! Super curious about the pumpkin ones and once bitten.

  4. I ordered my first 4 as soon as I saw your first Instagram post... And I already ordered 7 more today! 6 for coworkers and 1 more for me. :-)

  5. Once Bitten rocks! Got freebees too, just ordered 3 more so it can be Halloween all year!


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